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Scholarship and Educational Programs
Special Operations Warrior Foundation Scholarship Program

"Commanders emphasize mission readiness is enhanced, because Special Operations Forces know their families will be taken care of."

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides family assistance to the children and spouses of fallen warriors from the time they join the SOWF family.
The foundation's Family Services Program provides educational, behavioral and emotional support through various avenues; including the availability of in-home tutoring for future SOWF scholars when they enter middle school, and continuing all the way through recipients' college years.
Our Scholarship Program begins generally during the junior year of high school with college planning, academic and financial aid counseling. Applications are mailed to eligible seniors in the fall of each year.The SOWF provides for, or identifies funding for, the expenses associated with a public college education: tuition, fees, room, board, books, and supplies.


Scholarship funds are grants that can be used at private universities, state or community colleges, and vocational-technical training and career institutions. 
Other Scholarship and Educational Programs
The New GI Bill/Fry Scholarship programs will impact veterans and their dependents.
For information on how the SOWF scholarship program is affected, please click here.
This is a direct link to the on-line application for Pell Grants and other federally sponsored financial aid. The US Dept. of Education is encouraging students to use the online application. Free scholarship searches and other valuable information All about free federal financial aid Free scholarship searches and other valuable information
Early Planning  ai
med at junior high and senior high school students
A top recommendation for college planning resources. A complete college planning guide with on line applications for federal grants, college planning tools, and much more.
American Legion
This is a direct link to the Veteran's Administration web site that discusses the VA educational benefits, including the upgraded GI Bill and Fry Scholarship Program.
(Comprehensive listings of military aid including ROTC programs)
Army ROTC: 1-800-USA-ROTC (1-800-872-7682)
Air Force ROTC: 1-866-423-7682
Naval ROTC: 1-800-NAV-ROTC (1-800-628-7682)
Scholarships for service dependents
Official Military Academy Websites

Army: U.S. Military Academy 
Navy and Marine Corps: U.S. Naval Academy
Air Force: U.S. Air Force Academy
Coast Guard: U.S. Coast Guard Academy

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