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Beneficiary Designation

Beneficiary Designations

You can support the mission of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation by naming the foundation as a beneficiary on your:

  • Life insurance policy
  • Deferred annuity
  • IRA
  • Qualified retirement plan (401 (k) or 403 (b) plans
  • Bank Account (called Payable on Death account)
  • Investment Account (called Transfer on Death account)


It's possible to designate any amount, from 1% to 100%. Your contribution will help us carry out our mission of educating every surviving child of a special operator killed while on an operational assignment or in training.

Easy to Arrange

Simply obtain a beneficiary designation form from your insurance company or your agent. If you are using a group life insurance policy, ask for this form at your benefits office. After you have completed your Beneficiary Designation Form, return it to your company.

Gifts by beneficiary designation do not have to go through probate. Your gift will pass immediately to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation after your death, usually within a few weeks.

Once you make your arrangements, please let us know. If possible, please send us a copy of your new beneficiary designation form, so we can thank you properly and include you in the Eagle Claw Society.

Questions? Call John Elbare at 813-805-9400 or via email at

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